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Patient Stories

Mr. and Mrs. Chaoui-Gasco

We are writing this letter to express the gratitude we feel for all you have done to our daughter Laetitia. Laetitia, 7 year old, has been having strabismus problems since she was a baby (accommodative esotropia with farsightedness and astigmatism). When she was 18 months old, she had surgery to fix her convergence excess. After the surgery, her eyes looked straight with still a small remaining inward angle. But several months later, she developed a dissociated vertical deviation on both eyes… Read more

Kurt & Tenley Gritts

Wow!! We’re finding it hard to put into words the gratitude we feel for what you have done to help our daughter Kaitlyn. Thirty weeks ago life was very frustrating for our family as we spent hours each day trying to get Kaitlyn to sit down and finish her homework, trying to understand why she would not want to learn new skills, trying to control her emotional outbursts and temper tantrums, trying to find new ways for her to somehow enjoy reading rather than dread reading… Read more

Arielle J Kantor

Dear Dr. Hillier Thank you very very much for my certificate which means a lot to me. I really did not realize that I was not looking through my left eye until after working with you, my eye improved so much! I now know the difference. I am so happy that you are such a […]

Justin Seltzer

How Eye Therapy Helped Me Before I started eye therapy, I had trouble doing my homework in an efficient manner. It was hard because I had double vision that prevented my work from being completed in a reasonable amount of time. It was very frustrating having to take longer on things that shouldn’t take that […]

Nick Fitzpatrick

Dear Dr. Hillier and Staff, Thank you so much for helping me get my eye much better. I have improved on a lot of things. Sincerely, Nick Fitzpatrick

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnston

We are very thankful to your office and for the help that it has given our daughter Megan. Before she went through the Vision Therapy she had many problems. She was always falling down and running into things. She hated to do her piano homework and doing her school work was near to impossible. She […]

Maria Prokop

Dear Dr Hillier: I would like to thank you and your staff for the assistance you have provided to my daughter, Taylor, your patient in vision therapy since last November. When we first came to see you, Taylor’s grades and test scores were average, but I knew she was having problems. Specifically, teachers mentioned that […]

Roberta Degener

Dear Dr. Hillier: Before Vision Therapy, Matthew was extremely frustrated and had very low self-esteem. Matthew’s reading and comprehension were significantly below 2nd grade level. Almost as soon as he began his Vision Therapy his frustration level and self-esteem improved. By the completion of his 25 weeks of Vision therapy Matthew had improved his schoolwork […]

Martina Nelson

A True Vision Therapy Success Story: Our son, Chris, suffered from excruciating headaches and dizziness, starting in 3rd grade. Many days he could not even walk, definitely not participate in school due to “jack-hammer pain” in his head. After many examinations he was neurologically diagnosed with severe migraines. Permanent medication was the path suggested. We […]

JL Mellun

Before Vision Therapy: “A year ago I had a stroke, which affected my vision. At first, I was not able to watch TV, read newspapers, magazines or books. This hit me very hard since I was an avid reader my whole life. I wasn’t able to use the computer since I saw wavy lines across […]

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