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Patient Stories

Mrs. Candace Maddlin

Dear Dr. I want to thank you for the final report on our daughter, Tiffany Twohig’s, Vision Therapy. Aside from the wonderful comments she has made throughout her therapy period, the great reports you provided me from beginning to end, the BEST path has been to witness my daughter reaching for books to read for […]

Lisa Kraiger

Before Vision Therapy: “Elijah always had trouble with reading and writing. He does very well with math and is very inquisitive and absorbs information spoken to him like a sponge! Obviously it was not that Elijah didn’t want to learn but would be so frustrated when it came to reading and writing that he would […]

Patricia Byrne, Mother of Maria Byrne

Before Vision Therapy: “Maria started Vision Therapy at age 9, the same week that she began 3rd grade. Even though she had repeated 1st grade, Maria still struggled to read, write, comprehend written language, and had poor eye-hand coordination. She was reading at an early 1st grade level, with little confidence. When tested for learning […]

Christen Freeman

Before Vision Therapy: “Grace was having trouble with turning letters around when trying to read. Grace was losing confidence in herself and having trouble reading. Hope was also experiencing similar problems like Grace as well as having difficulty in her math. Hope was having more frequent headaches and getting very frustrated with school.” After Vision […]

Zeek Liebentritt

Before Vision Therapy: “It was really hard doing reading, writing, and spelling. I couldn’t really see as well. I couldn’t play football because I couldn’t see as well. I didn’t feel so good about mostly everything.” After Vision Therapy: “I worked really hard at Vision Therapy, and it got easier. My grades are going up. […]

Dietrich Kuhns

Before Vision Therapy: “It was hard to read chapter books and remember what I read. It took long periods of time to finish my homework. It was hard to concentrate with any other noises and I also got car sick when riding anywhere. I also scored low to poor on my state testing for reading […]

Debbie McAdams Optometry, PC

I really appreciate the way you are able to manage my son, James.  Out of all of the specialists and professionals we have seen, you are the best.  You and your whole staff amaze me.  You are always patient, firm, understanding and, above all, consistent in your manner of working with my son.

Madalyn  Schraer

I sent you a letter describing the improvements in David’s motor skills.  We attribute these improvements to vision therapy.  There have also been significant improvements in David’s performance in school (grade 5).  His teacher told us:  He is getting higher grades on tests and participating more in class; he is more relaxed and happier; he […]

Tim Behnke (Age 10)

Before I started vision therapy, my eyes were not as good as they are now.  They weren’t tracking.  When I started vision therapy, my eyes started getting better…Now my eyes are as good as yours.  I can see finally…Now I love vision therapy.

Cecilia Hart

Last fall, my eyes were crossing in the distance so bad that I couldn’t drive anymore.  (She was referred to the San Diego Center For Vision Care by a local optometrist.)  He said I could put strong prisms in my eyeglasses to correct the eye crossing, but it would continue to get worse.  He said […]

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