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Presented by Dr. Carl G. Hiller, OD, FCOVD



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Vision Development For Children With Special Needs

Efficient Visual Learning When Accessing Academic Instruction On Line

20/20 Is Not Enough!
Carl G. Hillier, OD FCOVD

La Jolla LearningWorks is sponsoring an important webinar on how to establish efficient visual learning when accessing academic instruction on-line.

You will learn how to:

  • Manage On-Line Visual Stress
  • Improve On-Line Visual Endurance
  • Enhance On-Line Visual Learning

Fundamental Ideas:

The development of academic skills is more and more dependent upon accessing teachers via an electronic interface – our computers. When using a computer, the doorway to learning  is  primarily accessed through the child’s visual system.

Opening the on-line doorway to learning is absolutely essential. This means ensuring that the visual system can “access the academic experience.” There is a myth that “20/20 eyesight” is sufficient for a child to access visual information – nothing could be further from the truth.

20/20 eyesight simply means you can see clearly far away, it says nothing about your child’s ability, skill or endurance to focus up close, to move their eyes and track along a line of print while reading, or to have the ability to have both eyes easily align on the screen or to process and remember what they see.

This webinar will provide practical and easily applied concrete methods to enhance your child’s ability access to the educational experience offered on-line. The webinar will review the physical and visual environment your child is in while engaged with on-line learning. It will review the importance of lighting, blue-blocking glasses, optimal computer screens, nutritional support for the extended exposure of light hitting the retina, and eye exercises that can minimize if not eliminate visual stress from extended computer use.

SDBIF June Online Zoom Saturday Meeting — Vision, the Brain and Vision Therapy

Vision Resides In The Brain

Recovering visual abilities after brain injury involves reestablishing brain function. In large part this is accomplished through Optometric Vision Rehabilitation with a Neuro-Optometrist.

Recovery requires a team approach of many professionals, working in collaboration with each other. This lecturer will review the wonderful ways visual abilities can be recovered through lenses, prisms, tints, phototherapy and other therapeutic interventions through Neuro-Optometric Vision Rehabilitation.

  • Visual Field Loss
  • Photophobia
  • Double Vision
  • Visually induced balance disorders
  • Visual Thinking
  • Visually induced headache

When: June 20, 2020
Where: Zoom Conference through the San Diego Brain Injury Foundation
Time: 10am – 12pm
Other: San Diego Brain Injury Foundation
[email protected]

Eyesight to Insight – The Visual/Vestibular Foundation For Child Development

Cognition’s foundation lays heavily on vision and vestibular function. Mary Kawar, OTR a nationally recognized lecturer on the topic of vestibular development and treatment is teaming up with Dr. Carl G. Hillier, OD FCOVD, also a nationally recognized lecturer in vision development and treatment to share the critical relationship between vestibular and visual development in preparing children to learn.

When: January 7 – 8, 2020
Who: Shriner’s Childrens Hospital Pasadena, California


Click here to view Beyond Concussion PDF 2019


Click here to view The Keynote Lecture of Development and Behavioural Optometry Course Review 2019

Click here to view The Two Day Course-Visual Perceptual and Cognitive Development Course Review 2019

13th Annual Brain Injury Rehabilitation Conference

Sponsored by the Rehabilitation Center at Scripps Memorial Hospital Encinitas:
March 2-3, 2018, San Diego CaliforniaWorkshop: Vision Problems and Solutions After Acquired Brain Injury
Objective 1: To see lens and clinical treatments options for treating homonymous hemianopsia
Objective 2: To see and experience the yoked prism options for treating visually induced balance disorders
Objective 3: To see and experience the use of Fresnel Prism and Selective Occlusion to treat sudden onset diplopia

The Hidden Link Between Vision and Learning

(Webinar) Thursday, October 19, 2017 – 7:00 pm EST
Why Millions of Learning Disabled Children Are Misdiagnosed

The Essential Role Of Vision And Learning

October 19, 2017 Lemon Grove Office
October 18, 2017 Sorrento Valley Office

The Value Of “Grit” In Making Vision Therapy Successful

October 12 – 14 Charleston, South Carolina
A Vision Help Seminar

Warren Walker School Screenings

October 6th, 2017

Free Community Lectures

Encinitas May 17, 2017.
Lemon Grove May 18, 2017.
The Role of Vision Development in the Academic Success of Children
Vision and Learning Flyer 2017

Sports Vision Analysis

Padres Baseball Team at Spring Training

Scripps 12th Annual Brain Injury Rehabilitation Conference

March 10-11, 2017.
“The Visual Complications After Traumatic Brain Injury”
“Treatment for the Visual Problems Following Brain Injury”


April 7th and 8th
“Eyesight to Insight: The Visual and Vestibular Foundations to Child

47th Annual Meeting of the College Of Optometrists In Vision Development

April 25 – 29th, 2017
“Optometry’s Role in Developing and Recapturing Attention and Memory Skills”

Australia Tour

Melbourne August 4 – 5
Adelaide August 6 – 7
Brisbane August 9 – 10
Sydney August 12 – 13
“Eyesight to Insight: The Visual and Vestibular Foundations to Child Development”

East – West Optometric Symposium Cleveland Ohio

November 3 – 4, 2017
“Vision Therapy’s Role In Attention and Memory”
“Chair-side Binocular Testing Leading to Effective Treatment Plans”
“The Essence of Visual Perceptual Testing”
“Sports Vision Training”
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