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Sports Vision Training

Sports Vision Enhancement

Vision is the first contact athletes have with their sport.  The visual abilities necessary for optimal sports performance can be trained and enhanced.  Dr. Hillier began his work with members of the 1988 Olympic Volleyball Team.  The players and coaches saw significant increases in on-court performance. Since that time, Drs. Hillier has worked with the 1992 and 1996 Olympic volleyball teams, players of the San Diego Padres, Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, LPGA golfers, and numerous amateur athletes.

No amount of strength, speed, flexibility or endurance can make up for poor visual connectedness with your sport.   Vision guides the intelligent movement of your body.  When exceptional visual skills combine with vestibular and muscular skills, ones full athletic potential is realized.  This is a learned skill.  Vision and vestibular skill and endurance are systematically and synchronously trained during sports vision training.

A full assessment of your unique visual abilities and challenges is made before a vision training program is designed.  There are basic needs for all athletes, yet each individual requires unique skill development depending on their sport and current level of visual skill.

Sports Vision Training teaches you how to see when and where events are happening more quickly.  After sports vision training, you may experience that everything but you is in slow motion.  This is because through sports vision training, you learn how to see more information per second.

An analogy; Sports Vision Training is as though you have eyes like a video camera that takes a thousand frames per second.  You see all of the frames.  This is what super slow-motion cameras do.  When the camera plays back, it seems as though everything is slow motion.  The nice thing is that you have the opportunity to respond to each frame.  Others see you to be quicker, yet you are simply reacting to things they haven’t yet seen.

Another key element in Sports Vision Training is the ability to process peripheral vision as well as your central vision.  Having simultaneous central and peripheral awareness is what often separates good athletes from great athletes.

Finally, Sports Vision Training allows for you to be much more relaxed in otherwise stressful situations.  When the visual system is fully aware of the full spatial environment, the mind relaxes and the body has an opportunity to make a much more refined and powerful athletic response.

Thanks for the Vision Therapy, it works!
– Greg Vaughn Padre Baseball Player during his 1998, 50 home run season

This has everything to do with me and baseball
– Ken Caminiti, Padre Baseball Player

Vision Training Rocks!
– Kevin Kousmanoff, Padre Baseball and Oakland A’s Baseball Player

Thanks for bringing my vision up to the next level
– Nick Hundley, Padre Baseball Player

I wish more kids would do Vision Therapy, it works!”
– Larry Fitzgerald, Cardinals Professional Football Player

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