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Who We Are

Since 1944, this practice has continuously provided comprehensive vision care services to not only residents of San Diego County but to individuals seeking our care from around the United States and the world. It started with Dr. Amorita Treganza in Lemon Grove. Since then, Dr. Robert Sanet, Drs. Carl and Melissa Hillier have carried on this tradition of helping people overcome visual problems that glasses, contacts and surgery alone can not resolve.

Below are some of the specialized services that we provide our Southern California community.

Learning-Related Visual Evaluations:

Many children with 20/20 eyesight have undetected visual problems that interfere with their ability to learn. Bright children, often labeled as hyperactive, lazy, or learning disabled, may actually have learning-related visual problems that don’t relate to 20/20.  When these visual problems are remediated, the child becomes a more efficient learner.  It is common to see a child who was doing poorly in school become a success and actually enjoy learning.


It was a very enjoyable summer knowing that I can ride my bike, the words won’t dance anymore, and I can read faster than my science group. Thanks for building my self-esteem and eyes.
– Sharon Conry (age 8)

Sports Vision Training.

Vision is the first contact athletes have with their sport. The visual abilities necessary for optimal sports performance can be enhanced. Dr. Hillier began his work with members of the 1988 Olympic Volleyball Team. The players and coaches saw significant increases in on-court performance. Since that time, Drs. Hillier has worked with the 1992 and 1996 Olympic volleyball teams, players of the San Diego Padres, Minnesota Twins, Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, LPGA golfers, and numerous amateur athletes.


Thanks for the Vision Therapy, it works!
– Greg Vaughn during his 1998, 50 home run season

Acquired Brain Injury Vision Rehabilitation.

Over two thirds of the brain is responsible for the proper functioning of the visual system. When there is acquired brain injury (such as a stroke, tumor, or trauma), visual disruption often occurs. Visual rehabilitation can often help individuals recapture normal visual functioning and maximize visual abilities to support activities of daily living.


The process of vision therapy is impressive and amazing.
– Gail M. White, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Visual Perceptual Learning Therapy

Research shows that the visual skills necessary for human performance are learned. Vision therapy has therefore helped numerous individuals overcome a wide variety of life’s challenges and develop many life skills.

Toddler Evaluations

Undetected vision problems can have a devastating effect on a child’s future.  All toddlers should have their vision evaluated within the first few years of life.

Surgery-Free Strabismus Treatment

Due to the success of vision therapy for strabismus, surgery is now only a last resort option.  If surgery is ultimately required, the outcome is much better if pre-surgical vision therapy is obtained.

Amblyopia Treatment Without Full-Time Patching

Research shows that amblyopia responds to treatment at any age. It is much easier and often more complete when younger.  With optometric vision therapy, improvement can usually be accomplished without the need for constant patching.

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