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Lisa Kraiger

Before Vision Therapy: “Elijah always had trouble with reading and writing. He does very well with math and is very inquisitive and absorbs information spoken to him like a sponge! Obviously it was not that Elijah didn’t want to learn but would be so frustrated when it came to reading and writing that he would shut down. ‘I can’t read’. He’d say in hopelessness. As parents, my husband and I would say, ‘Of course you can! You are so smart, just try harder’. Little did we know, he was telling the truth, he really couldn’t read. Elijah scored in only the 1% in 4 areas of his testing, while other areas were in the 90%’s. At 8 years old and should be in 3rd grade Elijah could only read at mid-1st grade level. We held him back to 2nd grade and started vision therapy.”

After Vision Therapy: “The beginning of this school year (repeat of 2nd grade) Elijah would tell his teacher, ‘I can’t read, I can’t do this’, and have melt downs. Having Aspergers Syndrome, OCD, and ADHD certainly made this whole situation even more frustrating. But after 9 months of Vision Therapy and a very patient and wonderful teacher, ELIJAH CAN READ!!! He enjoys reading the “Magic Tree House” series and has moved up to 2.7 level reading ability. His frustration level has decreased so that there are hardly any behavioral issues. He will move on to 3rd grade and will still receive RSP support for reading and writing, and yes, his writing skills have improved dramatically as well. All the time, effort, and cost of Vision Therapy has been so worth it! What can we say to Dr. Hillier and staff but, ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you…!!!’”

*They are super nice and accommodating here too!!!

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