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Patient Stories

Robert Lopez Jr. Success Story

Our sons’ first grade teacher noticed a problem with his tracking. His reading and writing was very poor, which in turn was affecting his confidence in school. We took Robert to an Optometrist we were told he had 20/20 vision and he was very sensitive to light. Robert continued to suffer, and his teacher was […]

Albert Sandoval

Before Vision Therapy: “When I got glasses my prescription kept getting worse. Then Dr. Hillier suggested eye therapy.” After Vision Therapy: “It’s easier to see now and I don’t have to squint anymore. I learned how to use my eyes better without squinting.” Thanks, Albert Sandoval

Peter Cadallos

Before vision therapy, I did not know anything about vision therapy, and my eyes would never focus they would always jump around. I used to never like playing video games because my eyes weren’t focused on the target. Thank you very much for helping me train my eyes to work better. I really enjoy vision […]

Mike Barksdale

Dear Dr. Hillier, I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate the help you’ve been to me and my family over the past years. My recent eye exam brought home just how much the therapy I went through has benefited me. It has been four years since my last […]

Karen James

Dear Sirs, I would like to express the benefits of vision therapy. Before my son’s evaluation the teachers quickly came to the conclusion that he was “slow” and placed him in special help classes. He would have stayed in that environment if it were not for one teacher who was able to see a discrepancy […]

The Gallager Family

Dear Dr. Hillier and Staff, My family and I would like to express our deepest thanks to you and your kind staff. We brought our daughter to see you when she was 11 years old. He name is Taylor Gallagher. Her condition was that at the time she had a visible left eye turn. We […]

Bonnie and Laurie Baron

Our Son’s Experience With Vision Care The summer of 2006, we came to San Diego for Vision Care following seventh grade for our son, Ari. He had received two D’s for final grades and my husband and I knew we needed some help. A friend recommended that we come to the Center. During the assessment […]

Rebecca Ferrini

Dear Dr. Hillier: I am writing to express my appreciation for the care you provided to my son, Joshua. As you know, Joshua was 9 years old when we first brought him to your clinic upon the recommendation of a friend. Joshua had been having some trouble in school – particularly with writing, and was […]

Mary Jo & David Ray

Dear Dr. Hillier: We cannot thank you or your staff enough for the improved quality of our family’s life. Although it is miraculous, it is not due to miracles. It is due to the hard work and dedication of you, your staff and our son. One year ago, our son spent a minimum of ten […]

Jim Ray

Dear Vision Center Staff: Thank you Vision Center for helping me along so that I can see baseballs better. I can now hit the ball. I don’t have as many headaches any more since I can see things better and I’m not straining my eyes as much. Sincerely, Jim Ray

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