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Mary Jo & David Ray

Dear Dr. Hillier:

We cannot thank you or your staff enough for the improved quality of our family’s life. Although it is miraculous, it is not due to miracles. It is due to the hard work and dedication of you, your staff and our son.

One year ago, our son spent a minimum of ten hours every week trying to do homework. Twenty hours wasn’t unusual. He was extremely frustrated and his work was below grade level. His teachers and principal said he wasn’t trying hard enough. When we suggested that maybe he had a learning disability, the school administration disagreed. We were referred to you in June. When we explained Jim’s frustration level, Michelle kept her eye open for a cancellation. When we explained that Dave was going to be deployed, you worked on July 4th to complete the report so that he could see the results before he left.

We read the report in your office on July 5th and were shell-shocked. Our son had multiple vision problems and evidence of audiological and language problems. In your report, you explained how hard Jim had to work to be able to read – and that he worked much harder than the average student did. We met with you and you recommended further testing for audiological and language problems and outlined a plan for vision therapy.

We started vision therapy July 9th. Your therapists used a variety of fun techniques for the therapy, and Jim worked hard all summer long. When school started – ten weeks later, his reading had improved one and ½ grades and he no longer had headaches. His reading has continued to improve until he is slightly ahead of grade level.

We started language therapy in late July. We delayed audiological therapy until vision therapy was complete in December.

As we have progressed through your plan, the amount of time Jim spends on homework has decreased and the quality of his work has significantly improved. This week, we had a major break through. Jim read a book, and felt that he would pass the test without also having the book read to him. He believed he could do it – and we sent him to school hoping that he would pass the comprehension test. He not only passed it, he got 100%! As you can imagine, Dave and I are very pleased.

Jim is substantially less frustrated than a year ago. In addition, he has time for guitar lessons, boy scouts, playing with friends during the week and baseball. His vision has improved enough that he can now hit a baseball. Therefore, Jim also is pleased.

Since Jim is not as frustrated at school, his teacher and principal are happier with the quality of his work. Dave and I have more time to do fun things with our family. As you can see, vision therapy provided something for everyone.

Please feel free to use us as a referral for future clients. Thank you for everything all of you have done for us.

Mary Jo & David Ray

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