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Patient Stories

Christine Gordon

We came to you because of problems Aaron had been having in school with his reading and attentiveness.  We had been through many frustrating testing procedures with little or no results.  I happened to see an article in the Union-Tribune about your vision therapy program.  In vision therapy, Aaron became more confident in his ability […]

GeorgeAnna Markham-Little

When I first brought Rodell to see you, he was considered ADD.  He had trouble doing his schoolwork, so it would come home and we would “fight” to get it done in 2 3 hours.  Since he’s been coming here, the only thing he has brought home is spelling.  Everything else is being completed at […]

Janet Castanos

For years Vincent struggled through his class work and homework never really understanding why every assignment was so difficult for him while seemingly so easy for his friends.  When I found out about vision therapy, I knew it was something I had to look into for Vincent’s sake.  We had tried ophthalmologists who told me […]

Bruce and Margie McLaughlin

From the time Kelly (our son) started kindergarten, his experiences in school were not favorable.  We were told that his attention span was too short, that he refused to do work assigned, he was lazy, that he was continually disrupting the class.  Kelly hated school and it was all we could do to get through […]

Kathleen Elwell

Thank you is not enough for the effort that this group of professionals has put forth in helping my daughter strengthen her visual attributes.    We started going to vision therapy once a week.  I saw an improvement each time after therapy.  Her work in school started improving.  She even started reading at home.  It really […]

Diane Miller (Kim had vision therapy in the second grade.)

Hello from Virginia!  To bring you up to date, Kim is in the ninth grade, doing very well, both socially and academically.  I, of course, credit your work with her in much of the excellent development she has achieved. The results do last.

GW, Ph. D.

I came to vision therapy with many areas of deficit, none of which had been diagnosed.  It’s obvious to me that if vision problems are not corrected in childhood, they will persist into adulthood.  During the last months, I’ve improved my ability to analyze visually, my visual memory, my ability to replicate what I see, […]


My daughter was diagnosed with CI last year when she was 6 and was very successfully treated by Dr. Hillier in San Diego. But the process of figuring out what was wrong with her eyes and what to do about it took much longer. When my daughter started to read in Kindergarten, I noticed she […]

Linda Kreger Silverman, PhD

Dr. Silverman, a clinical psychologist continues to champion awareness of vision issues among psychologists due to her positive experiences in collaborating with optometric colleagues. “We have seen remarkable improvement and enjoyment of reading after vision therapy”.

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