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Janet Castanos

For years Vincent struggled through his class work and homework never really understanding why every assignment was so difficult for him while seemingly so easy for his friends.  When I found out about vision therapy, I knew it was something I had to look into for Vincent’s sake.  We had tried ophthalmologists who told me he had perfect 20/20 vision.  We tried counselors, resource specialists, speech therapists and even psychologists, all to no avail.  Your program is the only thing that seemed to have a significantly positive effect on his vision and learning.  This year I’ve watched Vincent kick the ball in soccer rather than missing it, play baseball like never before, and copy words from the board in half the time.  His reading is improving at a marked pace.  He went from a low first grade to a high second grade reading level in a few short months.  He tells me reading is fun now because the words don’t move all over the page.  Best of all, he loves school now.  The frustration is gone and the eagerness to catch up and join his peers is very much evident.  He feels empowered by his new-found vision and enjoys his new sense of confidence and self-esteem.

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