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Maria Prokop

Dear Dr Hillier:

I would like to thank you and your staff for the assistance you have provided to my daughter, Taylor, your patient in vision therapy since last November. When we first came to see you, Taylor’s grades and test scores were average, but I knew she was having problems. Specifically, teachers mentioned that she took longer than other students to get started and to finish her work, but that the work she did was all correct. They also said she had problems copying from the chalkboard. Taylor was prescribed bifocals but the problems completing her work in a timely fashion persisted. Also, on standardized testing she got almost perfect scores on all the work she completed, but she often could not complete the tests. Some people felt she was doing “good enough” and maybe would just be an “average” student in school. I was sure that Taylor had the potential to do much better than that.

The thorough testing Dr. Kelley performed and her evaluation laid the groundwork for Taylor’s therapy for the past nine months. Finally, we could understand what the problems were and we were pleased that something could be done to help her. Taylor enjoyed her weekly appointments, thanks to your dedicated staff. I appreciated the “homechecks” and periodic meetings with you to monitor her progress. Taylor’s results have been outstanding. I think she is beginning to reach her full potential in academics, finishing her work more promptly and achieving great results on school grades and test scores. I have no doubt that our investment in time and money was well worth it for our family.

Now that I have personally observed the improvement in Taylor, I am certain that many of the young people I see in Juvenile Court, who often have serious reading deficiencies, would also benefit from vision therapy.

Maria Prokop

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