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Justin Seltzer

How Eye Therapy Helped Me

Before I started eye therapy, I had trouble doing my homework in an efficient manner. It was hard because I had double vision that prevented my work from being completed in a reasonable amount of time. It was very frustrating having to take longer on things that shouldn’t take that long. For an example, my math homework, which now takes about 30 minutes or less, took me over an hour to complete. Even more frustrating was that it never was right, always little mistakes here and there that my eyes just could not pick up. I had trouble also with copying things from the board to my paper or notebook. Now it has all changed for me. Almost nine months of therapy has changed my eyes in a way that could be compared to when a child first receives glasses and can see clearly for the first time.

I did not always enjoy doing the home therapy but I knew that it was for the best. I always did it, even when my schedule did not permit it. I would make time because I knew that it would help me to do the things that I could otherwise not do. The thing I enjoyed most in the therapy was the Acuvision (Sports Board). It was a game to me, not vision therapy. Tapping the colored lights when they come and at the end, see what your score was. My best was 85. Meaning I hit 120 lights in 85 seconds. That’s many times better than my first try which was somewhere around 130. That shows how drastically my vision changed over the almost nine months I spent with my therapists who helped train my eyes to work better and more efficiently than ever before.

Justin Seltzer

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