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Performance Training

Our eyes tell us what is available; we learn to process what is meaningful.

There are so many myths and misunderstandings surrounding vision and human performance. This course clarifies what vision is and how it affects our ability to derive meaning from, and to be successful in, our information-dense 21st-century world.

Vision is our most dominant sensory system. Whether you are a parent whose child is struggling in school, an adult with an acquired brain injury, or an individual whose eyes are out of alignment and you wonder what it would be like to see in 3-D, this course is designed for you. It is designed for anyone who really wants to understand how the eyes coordinate with the brain, the body, and the dynamic information-rich environment in which we live.

A Course In Vision

Week One: The Language of Vision
Dedicated to an overview of the terminology used in discussing vision. Topics such as Visual Perception, Visual Illusions, Eye-Muscle Control, Convergence and more will be understood.

Week Two: The Eye – Brain – Body Environment Connection
How does the skillful use of the eye enable us to derive meaning from the world, establish a memory for it, and then use that information to guide the intelligent movement of the body?

Week Three: Arranging the Environment for Optimal Efficiency and Comfort
Whether you are a student, a computer user, an athlete or an electrician, your visual environment can either make things very easy or very difficult. Environmental principals regarding lighting, contrast, color, size and structure are important and can often be controlled to enhance efficiency and comfort.

Week Four: Developing Your Own Skills Through Vision/Brain Exercises and Nutrition
You will be given specific activities to do to build up your visual abilities, enhance your visual efficiency and increase your visual endurance. A discussion of the nutritional requirements for healthy vision will also be reviewed.

Too many individuals, children and adults alike, are misunderstood when it comes to the visual challenges that they experience.

There is a myth in our culture that 20/20 is “perfect vision” – if this were only true, it would be so easy.

This course is designed to explain the crucial relationships among the eyes, the brain and the ability to be successful in the complicated and information-dense environment in which we live.

There are four classes which make up this course. Each class is an hour long with 15 minutes of review at the end of each class.

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