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Dear Staff:

Thank you so much for the excellent progress you helped my son Michael to make through the vision therapy.

Both my son and I were very frustrated and slipping off the knot at the end of our rope. He felt like he was missing something, felt stupid, felt like there was something wrong with him. I knew he was a bright boy, but I couldn’t figure out why he was failing classes, why he was so angry all the time, why sometimes he could do great on his school work and tests, but most of the time he did poorly. It took us forever to get through his homework…many nights up to 10 PM when he was only in the 5th grade. Verbally he knew the answers, but the major problem was getting it down on paper. I can’t tell you the people I’ve talked to, the doctors we’ve seen, the tests we’ve taken. We both felt so discouraged and didn’t know where to turn.

In total desperation, we agreed to try the vision therapy for 8 weeks. Truthfully I didn’t believe it could possibly work. After all, we had already tried everything else, and I had heard both pro and con comments regarding the effectiveness of vision therapy. Both the time commitment and the cost were obstacles that I couldn’t see how to overcome. Looking back, I can see that I was not the easiest client to work with. However, thanks to all of you, your persistence in following up and encouraging me initially, and then Michael once we got started, was nothing short of amazing. Thank you all for your patience and willingness to work with us. Actually, that was what made me even venture to try the vision therapy. You believed in it so much! You just knew that Michael would have a better quality of life. You told me that we could tell in eight (8) weeks if the therapy would be effective. Even before the eight weeks were up, Michael was breaking your office records. Imaging my shock when the doctors would walk past me in the waiting room and tell me how brilliant my son was! I actually looked around to see who you were talking to. In all my son’s short life, I had never heard those words. I can’t tell you the relief and appreciation I felt for validating what I had always known in my heart! Thank you!

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