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Mary Hartman

Dear Dr. Carl Hillier,

Our son, Jim Hartman, was a patient at your Center a number of years ago. He was in his second year of college, and had no idea why he was having so much trouble with reading assignments. Little did he know that he was dyslexic. He had found so many ways of getting around the problems, such as keeping up with his friends by doing things like memorizing whole paragraphs at his seat, and then getting up and pretending to read aloud from the book. Then, when a professor in college assigned a 5-hour reading assignment one Friday, with expectations of a test on the material on Monday, Jim really hit the wall. Twenty minutes of reading was a gigantic effort, and five hours straight seemed inconceivable. I think he dropped the course. Things were going downhill fast.

When he came to your center, and realized help was available, he gave it all his effort. Frustration would build, but he continued. Then amazing things would begin to happen. One day in the car, he said, “Mom! Those telephone wires down in the next block go straight across the street!” He always had thought they zig-zagged.

To make a long story short, in the nine month time that had been predicted for him, he entered a whole new world of self-confidence. His grades went from D’s to an A-. He made the Dean’s List. He voluntarily joined a Speech Class, and went to Speech Competitions!

He successfully graduated from Portland State, married a wonderful Oregon girl, and now they are parents of three boys, Keaton, Kyle, and Karson. He works at a large company in Eastern Oregon as a computer program trouble-shooter. He wife says they call him their resident genius.

What I’m really trying to say, is how grateful his father and I am. We have told many people how you have changed his whole life.

Mary Hartman

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